Reverse Residential Assessments

CF Social work pioneered and developed this effective assessment process, whereby we locate ourselves within the family home or another safe alternative over a period agreed with the local authority (this is generally ten days). During this time, Social Work Assistants (SWA’s) and skilled social workers maintain a 24-hour presence in the home to intensively observe all interactions and dynamics within the family and complete a comprehensive parenting capacity assessment whilst always ensuring the child’s safety. Reverse Residential Assessments are generally used when a child is able to remain at home under Public Law Outline (PLO) ; is subject to an interim Order and is in a placement or the child is subject to an Order, is in a placement and the LA are seeking to revoke the Order.

CF Social Work is also instructed on cases where there is disagreement amongst parties regarding a Residential Assessment and viability needs to be tested. Benefits of this type of intense assessment include a thorough exploration of motivation, adherence to consistent boundaries, and the ability to make and maintain routines.