31 Jan 2024

CF Education marks 5 years of delivering exceptional alternative education services

In October 2023, we proudly celebrated the 5 year anniversary of our education division.

Established by our CEO and Head of Education Ross Evans in 2018, CF Education was formed to provide high-quality, alternative education services for children and young people who cannot access mainstream, full-time education.

Working with schools and local authorities nationwide, we’ve supported hundreds of young people, offering bespoke tuition and exam access, helping them achieve in core skills of English, Mathematics and IT.

Ross, who is a former headteacher, built a team of professionals he had previously worked alongside, who all shared his vision and ethos to help young people rediscover a passion for learning, and believe in their own potential.

Providing both one to one and community-based support, the CF Education team also works to boost function skills, motivation and self-confidence.

Ross explains: “It’s incredible to think that CF Education has now been providing services for five years. When I established the service as an addition to our social work provision, I saw it as another step towards our long term goal of providing fully rounded, holistic services to children, young people and families that are facing challenge.

“I came to CF Group as a former headteacher, so already had a passion for learning and education, and knew this was so important for our wider offering. By using our resolute approach of ‘every child matters’, we’ve built a reputation for providing the best educators and mentors, with a shared goal of supporting students towards positive outcomes.

“In our view, education is vital, but one approach doesn’t suit everyone – we’re able to respond and be flexible when young people find themselves outside of mainstream education. If we can provide an opportunity for that person to get back into education in a way they can manage, we’re doing what we’ve set out to do.

“Looking ahead, we’re working to build our team to support more young people who need our help, working with local authorities, schools and families to provide education services based on individual needs.”