We understand that every child has specific individual needs which is one of the reasons we are so successful - our programmes will never be based on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ principle.

CF Education is a distinctive, high-quality professional alternative education provider for children and young people of compulsory school age (5-16) and can also support young people who are aged 16 and upwards. Our mission is to make a measurable positive difference for those who cannot access full-time mainstream education and are at risk of significant short-term or long-term disadvantage. Our main goal is to support the young person in making a seamless and successful transition back into their current or new full-time placement. We expect to help every young person we work with achieve academic attainment, particularly in English, Mathematics, and IT. By boosting their functional skills, motivation and self-confidence, we expect to help young people overcome barriers to learning. Our support is predominantly 1:1 and community-based.

Our team provides many services including:

1:1 tuition in hourly blocks – normally 3 hours

These sessions are personalised and work on specific academic milestones for the young person to make accelerated progress.

Wrap around education

A unique combination of tuition and mentoring.

School and outreach support

By working collaboratively with schools and other educational settings, our outreach supports early intervention. The sessions can be on an individual basis or within small groups.

Exam and qualification support

This service supports organising and completing examinations for young people not currently in education.

Home and family crisis intervention

This service provides education for the young person and their families or carers within their home environment. This can include parenting guidance, behaviour management strategies and understanding educational development. We also support with life skills, independence, and transitional support.

Between placement support (reintegration)

This service provides support for children who are due to reintegrate into education.


We support hard to reach children in preparation for academic progress. Some children and young people do not enjoy learning for a variety of reasons and we have a team who are particularly skilled at helping to change this point of view.

A youth worker or mentor can focus on emotional and behavioural support - this is not an academic intervention and has a very different focus from tuition.

Gang and exploitation interventions

This can be provided to individual students, groups and adults (staff/parents or carers).

Sessions can focus on one of the following areas - Child Sexual Exploitation, Sexualised Behaviour, Keep Safe, Sexual Abuse, and in addition we offer various other sessions and training courses.

Our team

Our Education Team is experienced, highly skilled, and passionate about supporting young people. The team consists of:

  • qualified teachers
  • higher level Teaching Assistants
  • Teaching Assistants
  • mentors
  • Therapeutic Practitioners

Our team has vast experience teaching across all key stages, delivering a range of specialised SEN interventions, administering diagnostic and nationalised assessments and supporting young people with a range of recognised qualifications.

CF Education is not a registered school but our bespoke provision aims to be part of the young person’s educational offer. We cannot provide full-time provision but can work collaboratively with other settings to ensure that the individual needs of the young person are met. We aim to help with ‘recovery and transition’ – ensuring young people are on-track and can reach their full potential.

CF Education can offer bespoke and flexible support

Please get in touch to discuss our services and how we can help.