Within our children’s homes our primary objective is to provide children and young people with a safe, stable, happy, and comfortable home - one which will enable them to build upon their confidence and self-esteem while receiving intensive support from our highly skilled team.

When considering applying to work in our homes, experience in this field is advantageous. However, if you are patient, caring, and enjoys learning new skills, we would like to offer you the opportunity to join our team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff and work alongside people who are experienced in this area.

Tutum House

In December 2021 CF Group opened their first Children’s Home – Tutum House, based in a residential area of Ipswich, Suffolk.

Felix House

Felix House is the second home of the CF Group and is situated in the quiet seaside town of Felixstowe.

We at CF Social Work opened our first home in Ipswich late last year, we will soon be opening our sister home in Felixstowe. We pride ourselves on nurturing children in our care, to allow them to feel cared for and supported by the team in all aspects of their life, giving the children we care for every opportunity to recognise and achieve their personal goals in life, supporting them every step of the way.

Hear from our team.......

I have worked in the children’s care sector since 2009 - I started as a Residential Care Worker and then moved into the Crisis Unit, working with young people in emotional crisis and needing a high level of support. I also worked on the educational side of children’s residential services as a Behaviour Support Practitioner with the SENCO team in mainstream as well as private sector schools, working alongside young people in a classroom environment.

My career path in the children’s care sector has seen me progress from support worker to Shift Leader and then Ofsted Registered Manager. I work following the “PACE” model, which accepts children and young people for who they are, and not what we expect them to be.

We at Tutum House, support and work with our young people to help them reach their full potential; our aim is to help them to return to their families or foster care or be part of their life’s journey into independent living.

Rhi Clarke, Ofsted Registered Children's Home Manager - Tutum House

I have worked for CF Group for over eight years, starting as a Support Worker and working my way up to Senior Manager. I feel proud that the company continues to grow and that I am a part of this in the present in planning for the future. Opening our first children’s home in 2021 has long been an ambition of mine for the company so that we are able to offer something truly focused on helping children and young people be the best versions of themselves and making their way into adulthood feeling confident and cared for.

Anton Clarke, Responsible Individual for the homes and Director of Children's Services