Senior Leadership Team


Ross Evans

After working in mainstream education, I joined CF Social Work and developed our Education service. I wholeheartedly believe in ‘Every Child Matters’ and it has been amazing to see how this service has made such a positive impact on the academic journey and overall well-being of the young people we support.
I am very proud to work alongside such a passionate, dedicated and highly skilled team who work tirelessly to provide the very best support to the children and families within our services. Together we have developed a range of services and interventions and continue to be forward-thinking in our approach to new ideas. The varied backgrounds, qualifications and experiences of our management team is a real strength and helps to create an environment where individuals are encouraged, supported but also challenged.

Operations Director

Nina Livermore

I have had the privilege of working with children, young people and families for numerous years in a variety of settings.

Within the community I have worked with highly mobile Traveller families supporting access to school and within young people's prison as a teacher and then developing the family services offer within the establishment before moving on to manage the county drug and alcohol services for young people.

My career experience enables me to provide social care and safeguarding expertise – I thoroughly enjoy my role with CF and am lucky to work alongside some exceptional individuals, supporting development and change for children, young people, and families, providing high-quality services for all.

Director of Children's Services

Anton Clarke

I joined CF Social as a Support Worker and worked my way up to Senior Education Manager, and was invited to become a director in November 2022.

I feel supported in my role and have a team around me that share my views approach to helping children achieve their goals and to be the very best version of themselves.

I feel proud that the company continues to grow and that I am a part of this in the present and the plans for the future.

The different departments of the company make every day different with unique challenges whilst allowing staff to further their careers in different directions if they wish.


Head of Education

Louise Everitt

I have worked in teaching and leadership roles in mainstream schools for over 20 years, as well developing a wealth of experience in mentoring and training teachers and student teachers.

Through my role, I aim to support the CF Education team to plan and provide the best possible education for our young people – working in partnership with our growing team of tutors, local authorities, schools, and families.

I feel passionately that, by fully understanding pupils’ needs and ensuring that their views are considered, we can enable our young people to access education, develop their self-confidence and to experience success, as well as building their aspirations for the future.

It is a privilege to work alongside a passionate, positive, and dedicated team who are determined to make a difference for young people.

City and Guilds Education Manager

Gemma Catania

I have worked within mainstream Primary education for many years, providing support to students to enable them to thrive. I am passionate and committed to providing all children with an opportunity to succeed and achieve their aspirations.

Working at CF Education provides me with a fulfilling and rewarding role, as we truly make a difference to those we support.

Peer relationships and opportunities lead

James Robinson

I am big fan of getting out of the classroom and into nature. I have always had a real passion for outdoor learning and alternative education. I have worked within education and youth services for many years now and still love it ! I am a big sports fan (in particular football) and unfortunately I support Manchester United.

Senior Education Tutor

Joel Andrews

A qualified English Teacher at Secondary level – with a background in Sports Journalism from University. I was initially involved teaching in various mainstream schools where I covered a range of subjects alongside English, particularly with pupils who had significant barriers to learning.

I have many years of experience teaching in alternative provisions and Pupil Referral Units as well as time spent as a one-to-one tutor for pupils who couldn’t function in a mainstream environment. The flexible approach I’m now able to offer is key in giving every young person that I work with an opportunity to succeed.

SEND lead

Paula Silke-Cooper

I have worked in Education as both a Primary School Teacher and a SENDCo. I have extensive experience in coordinating provision and working with individuals with diverse special educational needs including: speech, language and communication needs, autism, learning difficulties, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, ADHD and social, emotional and mental health needs.

I am dedicated to providing compassionate support for positive educational outcomes for children and young people. I believe strongly in a person-centred approach through listening to children's views, hopes and aspirations. It is a privilege to be part of their journey, to empower them to succeed and achieve their full potential.

Senior Tutor and Exploitation Lead

Rocco Viscito

I have over 13 years' experience of working with young people across a number of different fields involving schools/colleges, mental health hospitals and children’s homes. I have a huge passion to make a difference and I am a big believer of 'with a positive, resilient attitude anything can be done'.

I feel very privileged to be on the CF team and I am looking forward to growing with the company

Senior Tutor & Well-being Lead

Owen Spooner

I have been working in Education for a number of years, several of which have been at CF. I have always been incredibly motivated to support the education and wellbeing of children and young people, and to support their future goals. I feel really lucky to work for CF and I really enjoy my job.

AQA and Attendance Lead

Gemma Holland

I joined CF in 2020 and was given the opportunity to carry out various roles within the company before finding my passion in the Education Team. I believe all children and young people thrive when they spend time with positive role models, alongside the opportunity to have fun through education and to be able to express themselves in a safe environment.
I am proud to be a mentor and to offer this support to our children and young people - seeing first-hand the difference we can make as a team to their lives is something that drives us all.

Education Administrator

Sherrie Butler

Hi, I am Sherrie and I work on the education side of the company making sure that all the sessions start and finish on time and look after the attendance reporting to referrers and the Local Authority. I really enjoy my job and finding out what the young people are doing and like working for CF as we all work together to provide a good service.

City and Guilds Year 11 and Post 16 Lead

Tina Catalanotto

I have worked for many years within mainstream Primary education. I am dedicated and have a positive and calming attitude and believe that every child is an individual and unique in their own way. They will learn at their own pace and together with the right support, they can achieve their aspirations.

I also have experience in Speech and Language, Lego therapy, Drawing and Talking and the Thrive Approach which offer different learning support to the children.

Working for CF gives me the opportunity to make a difference to the children that we work with and support.

Senior Education Manager and DSL

Cathy Cook

I have worked in a large mainstream secondary school for many years working my way up from newly qualified teacher to Assistant Principal. My specialist subjects are PE and PSHE and my key areas of responsibility in my Assistant Principal role were Safeguarding, Behaviour and liaison with Alternative Providers.

I am passionate about education and firmly believe that the bespoke packages offered by CF really do allow our children and young people to thrive. The team here at CF have a wealth of experience, with each member, putting the young person at the heart of everything they do.

Education tutor and mentor

Christopher Barrow

I have been working with the company for over two years and thoroughly enjoy the job I do.

Previously I was working supporting young people in supported/sheltered housing and doing youth social action work in the community.

I come with a wealth of lived experience and also a BA (Hons) in childhood and youth studies, but more importantly, a huge passion for helping young people make choices that can have positive effects on their future.

I feel education is something that plays a vital role in young people having chances to achieve at a pace that is right for them.

Since my first day at the company I have been made to feel valued and supported in all I’ve done. The staff here all have the same values and this makes for a great workplace and one I’m proud to be a part of.

Education Administrator

Jake Rush

I joined CF as a business admin apprentice and quickly found my way into working primarily with the recruitment team. After passing my apprenticeship I was offered a role within the education department which I happily accepted. I never imagined myself working in education, but I truly love what I do. I have been lucky enough to see the difference that CF makes to children and young people first hand and I feel proud to be a member of the team.

Recruitment, compliance and HR team

HR Business Partner

Natalie Scutcher - Assocc CIPD

I have worked within recruitment and HR for more years than I care to remember, mainly within the social care environment. I enjoy working in an environment where I am helping others make a difference to people’s lives, as I feel this is very rewarding. I love working for CF as it is a small team where everyone is working together to achieve the best outcomes for children.

HR and Compliance Officer

Klaudia Majewska

I have joined CF Social Work to support a great team of dedicated recruitment and compliance professionals.

Previously working over 10 years in the corporation environment it was challenging at first to blend into the smaller company, but after a few weeks I felt that I was fully taken in by the team. Every member of the staff is genuinely focused on making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable children and it is a great feeling to have that sense of purpose when you go to work every day

HR and Compliance Officer

Cherise Farmer

Based on experience in a similar role across a number of years, I began working with CF Social Work initially on a temporary contract to help set up the new HR system, however, I was delighted to then be offered a permanent position as HR and Compliance Officer.

I am enjoying my role within the recruitment and compliance office, helping to recruit staff to our children’s homes. The whole team at CF Social Work, across all departments, have been very welcoming and supportive.

The whole team at CF Social Work are committed to working together to support children, young people and families across all areas of the business.

Senior Recruitment and Compliance Officer

Nile Francis

Previously working in a recruitment role supporting the Health and Social care sectors, I am used to onboarding people of professionally qualified backgrounds in a fast-paced environment.

Coming to CF Group was a much welcomed change for me from the sales world that I was used to. Placing young people at the centre of all that we do means it is essential that more emphasis is placed on the quality of recruitment rather than the quantity. Every member of the team comes to the office and leaves for the day with a smile on their face – this pays testament to the culture of CF and how fulfilling the roles that we have here are.

I am proud to represent this company and to be a senior within a great team because the industry we work in means the work we do will never be finished!

Recruitment and Compliance Officer

Paula Lee

I recently joined the CF Group and consider myself extremely privileged being part of such an amazing, dynamic group of people who provide support, development and education to the most vulnerable children and young people. I feel most grateful to have been chosen to join the Recruitment & Compliance Team, after having spent most of my adult work life in a recruitment role. Everyone brings something special to this team, I look forward to my journey with the CF Group.

Finance team

Finance Manager

Chris Beckett

I have worked in Accounts and Finance most of my adult working life in large corporate international companies to small family businesses, mainly in the building industry or farming sector. I became a qualified MAAT member when I was in my thirties and have never looked back, I enjoy designing spreadsheets and anything involving numbers.

Management accountant

Karolina Klimkiewicz

I have worked in accounts and finance for many years, mostly as management accountant from small to large corporations in many different sectors.

I enjoy numbers as well as creating ways of analytical picture of such a passionate business, where everyone is working together. I put my experience into financial statement preparation as well as helping with budget preparation.

I hope I will achieve my ACCA qualification in near future.

Social work and Therapeutic Services

Project Manager, ISW and Psychological Assessment Service

Diana Houlder

I have been working with our network of clients, Independent Social Workers and Psychologists to complete a wide range of child protection assessments for court and private family law. No case is ever the same and I love working with clients and assessors who bring their own expertise and unique ways of working with children and families. I completed my degree in Social Anthropology in 2004 and have worked in the UK and abroad for organisations that support, educate, and protect vulnerable women, children, and families since.

Therapist and Therapeutic Lead

Anji Wilks

I’m a dual-qualified Social Worker and Psychodynamic Psychotherapist with nearly 20 years’ experience of working with children, young people, families and professionals in a variety of statutory and charitable settings. As an independent Social Worker and Therapist over the last decade, it has been a privilege to support children and carers/staff in care settings, working with fostering agencies and residential settings.

As well as working individually, I’m particularly interested in systemic factors that are at play in both families and organisations. I draw on numerous theoretical frameworks and resources to ensure that professionals are best placed to work with children who have experienced traumatic and difficult early years.

The Therapeutic Lead post is a newly created role having worked with CF Group for several years as a Consultant. This creative role is giving me the opportunity to work with experienced and professionally resilient professionals. I very much look forward to developing a therapy service that both supports the internal CF Group but also, looking externally, to ensure children, young people and families can access affordable and effective therapeutic services.

Children’s Homes

Tutum House Children's Home Manager

Stephen Robertson

For the past few years Stephen has held the role of Registered Manager for other companies. During his time both in care and as a manager, Stephen has developed a sound knowledge of the regulations, standards, and frameworks. He also has good understanding of working with and leading a staff team, obtaining the best from his staff through direct mentoring and coaching and regular supervision process so they are equipped and supported to work with the young people in their care.

Stephen has supported young people through both short term and long-term placements, he has ensured they receive the best care and opportunities and he seen them achieve in education and social development.

Children's Home Manager

Andy Robinson

I have had the privilege of working within residential children’s homes for over 20 years and during that time I have been fortunate to have worked with a large number of young people with multiple complex needs, including SEMH and Autism.

As a child centred practitioner, I am passionate about supporting young people to achieve the best opportunities to develop themselves within their individual capabilities.

I feel that CF share my passion and vision and am pleased to be part of a team that shares an ethos of wanting to inspire young people to achieve their own aspirations.