17 May 2024

CF Group launches new therapeutic service

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new therapeutic service offering.

Led by therapeutic lead Anji Wilks, services include individual therapy sessions, group emotional regulation sessions and training or clinical supervision for professionals working with children and young people.

The services are available to local authorities and education settings and are based on the CF Group Relational Cycle which promotes the relationship between professional and child as the central component of our work. Within the cycle, focus is placed on putting the team around the child and developing healthy relationships.

As demand continues to grow for our services, with significant demand for our specialist education provision, the therapeutic service will provide additional bespoke help for children who are not in mainstream education.

The therapeutic approach also sits at the heart of our children’s homes. Anji has trained all staff in how to work with this cycle, also providing vital clinical supervision to the team. Every child is assessed from the start of their time in their care, with a view to enhancing their relationships with professionals to support positive outcomes.

Anji, who has years of experience in social work and psychodynamic counselling explains: “Most of the children we work with are struggling with emotional or behavioural difficulties, which mean they are not in full-time, mainstream education, or they are living outside of the family setting. It is often problems with relationships that can lead to these outcomes.

“By understanding how we work ourselves, we develop empathy and a curiosity in how others work. This vital relational process is how children understand how to regulate their own behaviour, how to relate with their teachers and peers and leads to better learning outcomes. We use this foundation to design and delivers bespoke, creative packages that help children adapt their challenging behaviour.

“We can also support professionals working with young people to help them understand systemic issues that are impacting on a child’s behaviour and emotional wellbeing. We hope that if more and more people working with education and young people’s service can bring these approaches to their work, we can offer new ways to support young people towards the best outcomes.”

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