24 Jan 2024

Louise Everitt appointed Head of Education

We’re delighted to announce the latest senior appointment to our team.

Louise Everitt joined the group this month as our new Head of Education, a role formerly held by current CEO Ross Evans.

Louise will lead our CF Education service, which works with local authorities and schools to deliver an alternative education provision for children and young people of compulsory school age (5-16). Our team of tutors work with children and young people who cannot access full-time, mainstream education, whilst also providing support to families.

Louise, who lives in Rushmere with her husband and two children, has spent 22 years working in schools, as a teacher, an assistant head, a deputy head, and for the last 3.5 years worked as a headteacher in an Ipswich school.

In addition to these roles, she was strategic lead for a ‘ teaching school’ including supporting colleagues across a range of schools and providing training for teachers and student teachers.

Louise explains: “I’m extremely excited to be taking on such a challenging but rewarding role, and to be joining CF Group at such an important time in its continued growth.

“I love the diversity the role offers, with the chance to meet and work with young people, whilst also supporting our tutors and making strategic plans for developing our education provision within the group.

“One of the reasons I decided to leave mainstream education was because I felt there aren’t enough bespoke services to really support both schools and young people. There are so many occasions where things aren’t working for a school and a young person, and there isn’t always an ideal solution. If you can provide the right conditions for learning with the right person, either short term or long term, it can make a crucial difference and can ultimately ensure the young person is accessing the education they deserve.

“Looking forward, I’ll be looking at every part of our education offering, from our curriculum to the training we provide our tutors, all with young people at the heart of the decisions we make. Our goal is to ensure our young people are as successful as they possibly can be, and that our tutors are well supported.

“It’s great to be part of such a positive and welcoming team. There is a real culture of innovation and creativity, and huge untapped potential for further positive impact as we work to support even more young people and families.”