3 Apr 2019

Reverse Residential Assessment trade mark for C F Social Work

The idea of Reverse Residential Assessments was developed by CF Social Work in 2006. However, these home-based assessments did not become popular with Local Authorities or Legal Professionals until 2009 and since this time, CF Social Work have delivered countless Reverse Residential Assessments in East Anglia, the Home Counties and the London Boroughs.

CF Social Work now hold the Trade Mark for Reverse Residential Assessments Registered No UK00003357891

The reason for the popularity of Reverse Residential Assessments is due to their core purpose, which is to provide opportunities for families to remain together in their homes and local communities during assessment. They are also significantly less expensive than Residential Units, assisting to reduce expenses for the Local Authority and therefore benefit the public purse. There is also significant evidence that RRA’s achieve positive outcomes. Testimonials to this effect can be provided by CF Social Work.

Many recent RRA’s have been referred to CF Social Work directly from court. This is evidence of the court’s confidence in this method of assessment and their belief that a positive outcome is more likely to be achieved if the family can remain in their own home as opposed to being sent to ‘institutional’ residential units. Historically when families have attended Residential Units, many have required further costly assessment on their return home, to ascertain if any progress could be sustained in their local community. Whilst sending families away for assessment can give a good indication of a parent’s strengths and commitment to care for their children in a confined environment, it does not evidence their ability to remain focused when they return home and are presented with the same negative influences that may have underpinned the concerns of the Local Authority in the first place, i.e. drugs and alcohol, lack of family and local support etc.

As a Private Agency, independent of the LA, it is vital that our reports reach optimum standards consistently in line with Local Authority requirements, as ‘we are only as good as our last report’. Our re-referrals by the Local Authorities (LAs) and private legal firms for Reverse Residential Assessments are guaranteed by our ability to consistently deliver to timeframe and to the highest quality. CF Social Work has been highly commended by Family Judges and Barristers on the exceptional quality of our RRA’s, their cost effectiveness and very balanced and clear recommendations.

Our reputation as one of the leading providers of Reverse Residential Assessments has been made possible through the recruitment of employed and independent experts who have a minimum of 5 years’ experience and a wealth of skills and knowledge. CF Social Work have also trained and developed a dedicated team of highly skilled Social Work Assistants, to work primarily with Reverse Residential Assessments providing a range of child and family crisis interventions under the leadership and guidance of senior social work practitioners.

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